Plexiglass and Lexan in Frederick, Maryland

Plexiglass is a high quality alternative to regular glass. Made out of a transparent acrylic material, Plexiglass is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof –making it safer than regular glass. Plexiglass is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a great solution for a wide range of surfaces such as:

  • Windows
  • Tables
  • Greenhouses
  • Photo Frames

For a more durable product, Lexan is even stronger than plexiglass. It can even become bulletproof when it is thick enough. Used in many industry applications, it is more bendable and formable than plexiglass. Consider using Lexan for:

  • Building material
  • Signage
  • Machine protection
  • Windows susceptible to high impact
  • Storefronts

Our experienced staff at Frederick Glass Shop will work with you to see which product is right for your needs. Contact us for more information today.