Rescreening in Frederick, Maryland

Screen mesh is fairly durable, but it can still rip, tear, and develop holes. Not only does it look ugly, but a busted screen is not practical. For some windows with non-removable frames, the option to fix the screen is to rescreen it.

Our team at Frederick Glass Shop will rescreen your existing window frame and replace the old screen with the material of your choice:

  • Fiberglass is a metal mesh material that is a cheaper alternative compared to other screen materials and has the advantage of not denting as easily if hit or pushed.
  • Aluminum is a metal mesh material that is durable and isn’t as opaque as some other screens which makes it better looking from the outside of your home.
  • Pet screens are made of polyester, which is several times stronger than your average screen material, preventing your pet from being able to rip its way to the outdoors.

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